Missing Alaska



Snow! Yay! We had a dusting of snow when we got up bright & early on this fine Saturday. Why am I so excited? I live in Augusta, GA. We don’t get snow here. Having lived in the great state of Alaska for 3 years I thoroughly miss the snow we had there.

Speaking of Alaska there were a number of things this southern gal learned during our short stay there. And, yes, it was by choice. We didn’t move because of work, the military, or anything like that. We wanted to live & experience Alaska. Anyway, here are some of the things I learned when we first moved up there the end of February 2008.

• Lizards freeze. There were at least 2 dead, frozen lizards with our household goods.
• You can’t use your debit/credit card to buy gas station in the winter time at the pump.
• You cannot turn on any of your electronic items for at least 4 to 6 hours after the delivery people leave when they have been shipped long distance in the winter.
• There ain’t enough hairspray in all Alaska to hold your hair in any style when the wind blows off the mountains like it has today. Does Bozo the Clown bring any pictures to mind?
• Almost everyone owns a gun and has gone hunting, even our governor and the mayor for whom I worked, both ladies at the time.
• Almost everyone has gone fishing.
• Almost everyone owns a snow machine (not snowmobile) or ATV.
• Besides snakes, there are no lizards or roaches up here. Someone said no fleas, but I’m not sure I believe that yet.
• It seemed that I was the only one that owned, much less wore, pantyhose or skirts/dresses. Most women wear pants or pantsuits. Those that do wear a skirt go barelegged (yes, in the freezing cold & snow) or tights. Quite a few wear sandals in the winter.
• I’ve only seen one man in a tie and only one in a business suit. Most wear khaki-type pants, jeans or other pants, not slacks. The beard ratio seems to be about 50/50. All have had their teeth from what I could tell. LOL
• There are no billboards or other advertisements along the roadways – anywhere.
• Porcupines are very common though I haven’t seen one yet. So are wolverines but I hope I don’t see one up close.

And, that was just in the first 2 weeks! I may bore you with more of these in a future blog. When I first jotted them down & shared them with relatives and close friends I called them Sourdough Tales. I wasn’t a sourdough at the time though. It takes a full year of living in Alaska and then staying after winter to earn that title.



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