The Pumpkin Saga



The week after Thanksgiving I took our fall pumpkin off the front porch to repurpose it as bird and squirrel food. Being the brilliant, educated woman that I am I proceeded to throw the pumpkin with all my might at the base of a tree in hopes of shattering the pumpkin. I mean, really, it had been sitting out in the weather since September. Surely it had aged enough to where it would burst open upon hitting the tree trunk. Wrong.

The dang pumpkin bounced. Bounced! Then it proceeded to roll across the driveway, bounce into the shrubs, over the curb, and into the street, finally coming to rest in front of the mailbox. Our house it at the top of a slight hill so that the driveway in on an incline. I stared at it and went back into the house. My husband recovered it for me when he came home from work.

Now that I know this is a viscous pumpkin I cut its top off and fill it with sunflower seeds for the birds & squirrels. Bwahahahaha! Teach you to try & get away from me, Pumpkin. Ha!


About a week later I knock the evil pumpkin over to dump out the sunflower seed shells that were on top in order to make the uneaten sunflower seeds more accessible. When I tried to right the pumpkin again it bailed on me and rolled down the driveway, across the street, & into the gutter. I shook my head and went back into the house.

When my husband got home from work he retrieved the wayward pumpkin from the gutter across the street and placed it back under the maple tree by the house. In its travels across the driveway and cul-de-sac the pumpkin completely emptied itself out. I had to refill it with sunflower seeds for the birds and squirrels.


Cheryl – 2, Pumpkin – 2. So, we are even, right?

Sadly, the pumpkin saga came to an end on December 17th when it was all but destroyed by a heavy rainstorm. Also, poor pumpkin, you gave me grief and laughter, but you are no more.



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