You review, I review, we all should review!



Have you ever read a book and thought “Wow! Everyone should read this.”? So, what did you do about it? Tell a few friends? Or, did you actually write a review?

Authors need your reviews to help get their books read by more people. Readers need your reviews to gauge whether or not the book would be a good fit for them. If you write enough reviews over time authors may seek you out to read their books for the price of a review. It should be a win-win situation for all involved.

You don’t have to say a lot in your review for it to be of value. Give a brief summary of the story without spoiling it and explain why you liked it. If you want, you could get into a more detailed description of character development, plot pace, and originality. But, it’s not necessary. Think about what you would want to know about a book that would help you decide to read it and go from there.

Most sites have a 5-star rating system. Personally, I give 5 stars for books that I absolutely love and find hard to put down. They are also free of plot and grammatical issues. Books that get 4 stars from me are really good stories with minor plot and/or grammatical issues. A 3-star book is one that has a great story and has more than 3 typo/grammatical issues along with time-line or other significant plot holes.

I’ve been lucky so far since I started writing reviews to have not read any 1 or 2-star books. I know they are out there as I’ve read them in the past before I started reviewing. For any book in which I find even the smallest issue I try to communicate with the author in hopes of them making any changes that are needed and reissuing the book. Of course, that is a lot easier to do with e-books than with physical books.

It’s hard to be an author in this day and age where anyone with a computer can self-publish. So, it is important to have reviews in order to have their works stand out. Please help the authors that you read get ahead and write a review.

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