Look at that! Cats!



Cats are everywhere. They are in our homes, in our yards, in our neighborhoods, and on the internet. They are quite the sensation. Yet, so many folks still don’t like them or totally misunderstand them. I’m not here to try and change those opinions. I am going to tell you stories about our cats.

First we have Flash. When Flash adopted us as a stray kitten that took up residence at our home we thought he was a she. She was first named Blaze due to the white streak between her eyes and up her forehead. Once Blaze was tamed enough that we could tell she was a he Blaze became Flash. My husband insisted that Blaze was not a name for a male cat. I think he just like the name Flash.

Flash is your basic orange and white tabby. He is very sweet and most curious. While he may not come up to you immediately, he will sit nearby to observe you. He is also the most nurturing male cat I have ever had. He carries around a stuffed toy weasel, but he doesn’t play with it or try to kill it like other toys. This weasel has to go to bed with us at night too. We lavish praise upon Flash for bringing us his weasel.

My husband brought home a box filled with 4 abandoned kittens that we fostered a few days until we found them homes. Flash took control and those were his kittens. He bathed them. He gently played with them. He watched over them. Whereas our other cats wanted nothing to do with them.

Our other cat, Tuffy, is a goofball. Tuffy is a medium-haired black cat. We found him at a pet store that specialized in finding homes for rescued animals of all kinds. You would think that Tuffy would be a very outgoing cat and very friendly as a result of being around people all day before we adopted him. Nope. He is very skittish. He hates the postal carrier and growls at them before running up the hall to hide. If you visit us you might not ever see him.

Tuffy also has a warped body perception. He has no idea how much space he takes up and often misjudges his abilities. You might see him rolling over and being silly on the bed only to see him fall right off unexpectedly. He will get in my lap and a few minutes later be sliding off into the floor. He will go to jump from my desk up to the top of the bookcase only to end up doing a belly flop on my printer. Now, mind you, he doesn’t do this each and every time. It happens enough that we’ve noticed and watch him very carefully.

I could go on and on about the antics of our cats, but I don’t want to bore you to death. Tell me about your furbabies.

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