Technology happens



Technology – machinery and equipment developed from the application of scientific knowledge -is a fickle mistress. Sometimes it works and works well. Others, well not so much. Those times are full of frustration and despair, especially with our ever increasing reliance on it.

Being married to an IT kind of guy, the first words out of my mouth before I ask for his help with my computer are “Yes, I’ve rebooted it already – twice.” Why do I have to reboot? That may fix the problem for now, but it doesn’t tell me what was wrong. How does rebooting fix it? And, why is that the solution to so many of the computer problems? It makes no sense to me whatsoever. If the house is too warm I lower the temperature on the thermostat, not restart the heating system. Surely, there must be a real fix to these computer problems, though no one seems to know what it is.

When rebooting doesn’t solve the problem my husband then sits in front of my computer muttering unintelligible sounds. I get frustrated. Sometimes a heated exchange takes place between us. It’s not a pretty sight. I threaten to throw the computer in the middle of the interstate. He almost always gets everything straightened out and peace settles quietly over our home.

Fortunately, we use an online backup system as one of the ways to restore our files should one of our computers FUBARs. We really need to invest in a backup system at home that also includes a Faraday cage –a grounded metal screen surrounding a piece of equipment to exclude electrostatic and electromagnetic influences. That way we would have a much better chance of recovery should a sun burst or other EMP causing mechanism come our way.

Computers are not the only tech things that go wonky. I got up the other morning to find that I had WiFi for my phone but not my computer. After texting my husband at work to find out what was wrong, I was told to reboot the router. With at least 3 different devices sitting with blinking lights where the router was, I was at a loss as to which was the router. I texted him again. I ruled out the tiny box with blue lights as I seemed to remember that was something to do with his weather station. So, was it the small tower thingy or the thingy with ears? Turns out the tower is the cable modem and the ears is the router. Rebooting that worked. But, why did that work? Why did it connect my phone but not my computer? Gah! This stuff is so foreign to me.

O.K. that was computer related, but you know what I mean. We depend on cellphones, programmable thermostats, cars, fitness wristbands, drones, and many other items in our daily lives that are full of electronic components that fail, don’t talk to one another, or do other weird stuff from time to time for no apparent reason. And, you know the moment you take it in to be assessed by a technician that it will work just fine. <faceplant>

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