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Before I started blogging and seriously reviewing books, I wrote what I call mini-reviews. A review helps the author even if it is only a sentence or two. I no longer post a review if it doesn’t at least garner 3 stars. So, for your reading pleasure here are 17 mini-reviews.

33 Degrees by Vincent Robert Annunziato 5 stars

I love post-apocalyptic/dystopian novels and this one did not disappoint. The character development was spot on. I felt as if I was in the story itself. It’s a very sad tale of a very possible future in the USA. I am so looking forward to both the prequel and the sequel promised to be in the works. Great job!

MaddAddam by Margaret Atwood 5 stars

I thought this book would never come out. Love her writing. Love this trilogy. It would be really great if she were to write another set about 20 years in the future to let us see how far things evolved in this new world.

Command Authority by Tom Clancy 3 stars

You can tell in the past several books that Clancy was not the writer of this series. It’s a shame he is gone & can’t write for us. I liked his work much better.

Pines by Blake Crouch 4 stars

Good book with only two exceptions that I saw. 1. The fete doesn’t have to be violent to serve its purpose. There was no need for murder. And, 2. when Ethan got slashed to the muscle on his stomach, it was glossed over. Whereas, all other injuries were described in great detail with follow up pain & suffering. Found this weird as it was the worst of his injuries.

Project Cyclops by Thomas Hoover 2 stars

I thought this book would never end. I always finish any book I start, but this one was painful to read.

Free Falling: Book 1 of the Irish End Games by Susan Kiernan-Lewis 3 stars

Hated the husband & won’t read the remainder of the series because of him.

Black Flagged Alpha by Steven Konkoly 5 stars

Wow! I thought all was lost when Mr. Clancy passed and there would be no more Ryanverse books. But, Mr. Konkoly’s writing is as good if not better.

The Jakarta Pandemic by Steven Konkoly 5 stars

He certainly writes in such a way that you either love, hate or tolerate the characters. I feel that he truly addresses how quickly and drastically events can change people.

The Perseid Collapse by Steven Konkoly 4 stars

I can’t give it 5 stars as he just stops the book without any conclusion. I understand the concept of sequels. Each book should be able to stand on their own. Otherwise, he is a great story teller with great insight.

Wayward Pines: First Contact by Steven Konkoly 5 stars

I love everything Konkoly has written. And, now that he has added to the Wayward Pines universe I’m more pleased than ever. Can’t recommend him enough no matter what he writes.

Into the End by Bonnie R. Paulson 5 stars

This is a very original twist on a post-apocalyptic fiction. Not for the faint of heart. Highly recommend.

Power Games: Operation Enduring Unity 1 by R. A. Peters 1 star

Very hard to follow & not very clear as to who is doing what to whom when. It is the only book I’ve ever not finished. I forced myself through the first 75 pages.

Conch Republic by Cliff Roberts 2 stars

I thought the writing style was far below any adult level reading. It was very poorly written in my humble opinion.

Expat Diaries: What Really Happens When You Move Overseas by Philip Trew 3 stars

It was O.K. Basically, the same thing over & over – don’t trust other expats. Double & triple check references.

The Gringo Guide to Panama by Elizabeth Vance 4 stars

Great starter resource for those interested in moving to Panama from the USA. Be sure to read the companion book – “The Gringo Guide to Panama II: More to Know Before You Go” to get a more detail for living in the city of Panama.

The Gringo Guide to Panama II by Elizabeth Vance 4 stars

This book certainly makes you think about things you might not have otherwise. It is most helpful for those interested in the city of Panama area.

The Krone Experiment by J. Craig Wheeler 2 stars

I thought it was a spy thriller and it turned out to be a science fiction novel. It wasn’t too bad until the revelation as to the cause all the problems. From there forward it was downhill. I always finish any book I start. But, dang it was a chore.

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