Pre-Sourdough Tales



Alaska was a wonderland that I never imagined as I was growing up that I’d ever get to see. We really loved living there the 3 years that we were blessed to stay. So, are you ready for some more of my observations?

• When the wind blows all day for 2 days you get sand in your hair.
• There are no billboards along the highway. Don’t know why it took me so long to notice.
• Folks put on shorts and sundresses on the first day of spring even though it is still only in the 30’s.
• Mt. McKinley is known as Denali or Tolika to the Alaska Natives. It has its own weather system.
• The only “bugs” I have seen since I came up here are spiders. And, not very many of them.

• There hasn’t been a case of rabies here in over 50 years. Rabies shots are good for 3 years. There are no raccoons or skunks here to pass it along. The arctic fox does tend to have it, but it is WAY up north of here.
• The animals up here don’t have to worry about heartworms unless they travel to the lower 48.
• Both ravens and magpies have an extensive vocal range. They can be tamed and taught to talk.
• Every public high school around here has an indoor swimming pool that is available to the public.
• There is a large Russian immigrant population in Wasilla, and they just about all live off of Knik-Goose Bay Road or as more popularly known as KGB Road. I find that highly ironic and funny.

• The RV’s are starting to show up everywhere now (April). The RV park at the end of our road already has about a half dozen parking there already.
• Snowmobiles are known as Snow machines, Snow-Gos or Sleds here. No one calls them mobiles. That was a term for the ones used back in the 1980’s before shock absorbers, etc.
• Never lower the window of your car thinking you can then push the wall of snow off your car. Instead, it falls in your lap. I laughed at myself for being so stupid.
• The rear windshield wiper isn’t very effective even with washer fluid and a defroster. I need a snow brush to get the snow off all of my windows before I drive.
• Never leave home when it is snowing without a pair of snow boots. I have my heavy coat, gloves & scarf in my Trailblazer but not my snow boots. Had to get a spare set to leave in the truck at all times.

• Front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive really could be a problem on a highway if you skid because you can’t regain control without the ability to steer. Good thing my TB is rear-wheel drive.
• Even without the sun shining the glare off the snow is really bright – enough for my lens to darken.
• Women (a lot of them it seems) in Alaska drool over a quad-cab pickup. It is one of the more popular models being driven around here.
• Snow machines are typically purchased in pairs.
• Alaska residents can get discounts on most tours and/or tour packages during April before the tourists really arrive. These discount tickets once purchased don’t have to be used immediately. Instead, they can be used anytime during the season. Nice perk.

• The snow is so dry that it stuck to our dog’s fur and wouldn’t come off with a towel. It packed into her fur the more I tried.

There will be more in a future post!


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