Before the Dawn


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The forth book for Lindsay Fairleigh and Lindsay Pogue of The Ending Series.

Dani and Zoe continue their tale of survival. A year after the virus that either killed people, turned them into crazies, or provided them with paranormal abilities, these best friends are trying to establish a home with what remains of their family and friends. A rather unexpected turn of events shatters their idyllic setting and pits them off against the General once again.

Fairleigh and Pogue’s final book of The Ending Series: Before the Dawn brings the story that has taken us around the country and back again to a predictable conclusion. This book did not hold my interest as well as the previous ones in the series. The voice of each chapter changed multiple times. With few exceptions the storyline was very predictable. Annie’s age jumped from 6-years old back to 5. Very distracting.

While most of the lingering questions were answered new ones were brought to light and left hanging. Was Zoe literally speaking when she said the General wasn’t completely human? I won’t post the others as they would contain too many spoilers.

I didn’t hate this book, but it could have been better. 3 stars.


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