Great Story, Bad Editing


Red Fox Silver Fox Cover

Freya and Whil are living free at Beech Camp deep within the rain forests of Australia. For the past 9 months since were liberated from the Bs’ compound by the unlikely Lt. Seiger Freya has become one with nature and enjoys a freedom unlike any she has known before. Yet, her desire to find her family at one of the A settlements is so strong that she is willing to risk everything to find them and bring them back to the forest. By leaving even with the protection of the camp leader, Khar, she puts everyone and everything at high risk from attack by the Biocentrics. Will she find her family alive and willing to join her in the forest? What hazards will she run into during her search? What will Whil and the others at Beech Camp think of her and Khar for leaving against the wishes of the others?

Fanning’s second book in the Red Fox series, Red Fox, Silver Fox delivers another good story full of action, danger, and heartache with a tiny bit of happiness mixed in. As much as I enjoyed it I am unable to give it higher than 3 stars due to some serious editing issues or lack thereof. Hopefully, by the time you read it she will have made the corrections so that they do not distract you like they did me.

Within the first 10 pages or so of the book there are inconsistencies with the ages of Freya, Isobelle, and Whil. They do not line up with the first book and it is quite confusing. As Freya and Khar continue on their journey the timeline keeps slipping. Every few days they have only traveled 10 while they should have passed beyond the 2 week mark based on the original 10 days of travel. The book is also riddled with grammatical errors. Words are missing from sentences. The wrong form of words are used. Normally, I would not have gone past those first 10 pages if I had not promised to provide a review.

It is a good story. And, I hope that the next book will be more carefully edited before Fanning publishes it. 3 out of 5 stars.

I received this book for free from the author for review consideration. This in no way affected my opinion of the book, or the content of my review.


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  1. I can’t apologise enough for the bad editing. I am the author and spoke to my original editor about this issue. Another copy proof editor is now going over the manuscript and Red Fox, Silver Fox will be released again – hopefully with no such issues!
    Thank you to Chessy for writing an honest review and bringing these problems to my attention.

    Lara Fanning


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