Leaving Las Vegas



Imagine waking up only to find yourself without power, working cellphones, or working vehicles. An EMP has neutralized all of the USA. No way to get or give information other than word of mouth in person to your neighbor. That’s what happened to David Collins and his family with one exception. They were prepared. Their vehicles are functional and they have the supplies to evacuate before everything turned chaotic. Will they and their friends make it to the rendezvous point?

Turner’s first venture into writing, EVADE, a Kindle Worlds novella, is part of The Perseid Collapse Series. The setting is in Las Vegas and the Collins family must get to their bugout location as soon as possible. What they encounter along the way will put their survival skills to test. Hard choices have to be made quickly in order to stay alive.

EVADE is a quick, fast-paced read with some heart stopping moments. Turner promises us two more installments. I look forward to reading them as well. 5 out of 5 stars.


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