Is Em her own worst enemy?


Warriors Cover

Em has been working steadily to gear up for a rebellion behind the scene during the 3 months since Rogue’s death. Her commitment to freeing the Defects and the destruction of President Vider is aided by her best friend, Zack, her sister, Nona, Dr. Parker, and her snarky uncle, Ren. With several heart wrenching revelations thrown at her will Em be able to succeed?

Noffke’s third and final book in The Reverian series, Warriors is a heart-pounding, roller coaster ride of emotions and action. The story is fast-paced and an easy read. Noffke does an excellent job of making the reader experience what Em is going through as she struggles with the results of her actions which don’t always go as planned.

Em was certainly a flawed protagonist and sometimes I did not like her. She luckily came through despite herself on more than one occasion. Fortunately, she was surrounded by cooler heads that kept her safe for the most part. This book is a fitting conclusion to her journey.  I will most definitely miss Ren and Tutu, as well as the loveable Nona. Zack and Em – not so much. 5 out of 5 stars.


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