Will you make it to the shelter?


Shelter Cover

Billionaire Will Hargraves has built and stocked the ultimate underground survival shelter. He has personally selected people from all walks of life and with varied abilities to join him in this shelter when the SHTF. Among them are his daughter, Chris, and his protégé, Mark Teller.

When the unthinkable happens the chosen few are alerted to come to the shelter. The book follows the invited dwellers on their journeys to get to the shelter, and, their coming together as a community. But, will everyone make it there on time? And, what horrors have arisen in the post-apocalyptic world?

Bird’s first novel, Shelter, Humanity Abides Book One, starts out as a good ultimate prepper’s survival book. The characters are introduced and developed throughout the book. The plot is plausible and has a good pace. It does require a suspension of belief to let the twist of genetics meld in with the story.

Shelter is well written with few grammatical errors. It is an easy read and nicely sets up book two. 4 out of 5 stars.


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