Half Cyborg, Still Human


Fread Of Nature Cover

Seventeen year old Kaitlyn wakes up to find herself caught up in a secret science project. She is now a cyborg, but with memories of her life before. To keep her mind from being totally erased, she must keep that knowledge a secret. Lucas, a scientist working on the project, has strong emotions towards Kaitlyn. Will Kaitlyn be able to trust Lucas to maintain her secret?

Crane’s first book in the IFICS series, Freak of Nature, is a heart wrenching story about a young woman caught between two worlds. Little did she know that by checking the box to donate her body to science that she would be made into a military weapon. She wants to retain her humanity and have her half-robotic body accepted.

This was an easy read with a good story. It did have a number of grammatical errors that were distracting. That being said, I will read the next book in the series. 4 out of 5 stars.


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