Long-Term Post Pandemic Survival


The Jakarta Pandemic cover

Alex Fletcher and his family have been prepping for years. But, even they are not wholly prepared for the devastation that a new strain of influenza wreaks upon the world. This story focuses on the microcosm of a small neighborhood in Maine during the pandemic.

Konkoly’s first book in The Perseid Collapse Series, The Jakarta Pandemic, delivers a heart-wrenching tale of survival. It draws you in with real world situations and keeps you there with a solid plot and believable characters. You feel the struggles of the Fletchers and their friends as they try to stay alive and defend their neighborhood. Konkoly writes in such a way that you either love, hate or tolerate the characters.

This study in human interaction in the face of a long-term crisis is eye opening. It is not a prepper’s manual or a zombie book (thank goodness!). He addresses how quick drastic events change people. If nothing else, it should make you think about how you would deal with a most probable scenario. 5 out of 5 stars.

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