The World Upended -No Electricity, No Food, No Law


The Walking in the Rain series, books 1 – 4, were quick reads and I apologize to the author, William Allen, for not reviewing them individually.

Luke is in Chicago on a fieldtrip from Texas to attend a science fair in hopes of earning a scholarship. He is stranded there when the pulse hits. Luke wants to get home, to what he perceives as a safe haven. Northeast Texas is a long walk from Chicago, especially for a sixteen year old boy on his own in a world turned upside down. There is no electricity, no food unless you scavenge for it, and most of all, no law.

The first four books in this series follow Luke as he grows into a man during his horrific journey. These books are riddles with typographical errors which were distracting. Even with the events of the time and the struggles for life and death it was hard to believe that Luke was only sixteen. The story is told firsthand from his point of view and his language skills are on par with a college graduate, not a sophomore in high school.

The story itself is a good one and the characters are well developed. The pace is fast and not for the faint of heart.

3-1/2 stars out of 5.

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