Vintage Disaster Story


Lucifers Hammer cover

A newly discovered comet calves and some of the splinters hit earth changing the landscape forever. Coastal regions are flooded or are completely swept away. Dangerous weather patterns are formed. A new ice age approaches. For those that have survived civilization is setback over a hundred years. Will they have what it takes to survive the new old way of life? And, what about the lawless?

Niven and Pournelle came together in the late 1970s to give us Lucifer’s Hammer, a story about survival before and after a major disaster. Because I am a fan of dystopia and post-apocalyptic novels everyone told me that I should read the original that started it all. I had such high expectations for this book. And, it was only okay. Not bad, but not great.

First, it is a long book – over 600 pages. At times I had to force myself to keep reading due to the slow pacing. Second, it had a couple of plot inconsistencies that could have been easily fixed. Either your neighbor lives next door or across the street. And, no one I know has their pregnancy show at two to three months. Third, some of the subplots were not believable. Fathers do not abandon their fourteen year old sons during a disaster just because the kid says I am not going with you. Finally, there were too many characters too keep up with and some with similar names – Hardy, Harvey, and Harry.

3 out of 5 stars.

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