Is There a Way Out of Here?


Down and Out Cover

Teddy Peterson is an Underling. He lives under the Uppercity with his adopted family working as a scrounger. They dig through the tunnels that caved in as a result of the meteor strikes to Earth several generations before in search of goods to sell. Teddy is not content living the rest of his life at the whim of the Uppercity lords.

Moger’s first book in the The Undercity Series, Down and Out, chronicles Teddy’s struggle to discover a way out of the gloom and despair that he and his fellow Underlings live in day in and day out. This is a young adult dystopian adventure novel. Its plot is slow to develop, even though it is a relatively short book, making it not a very exciting read. Things start to get interesting as the book ends.

While this is not a bad book, per se, it did not grab me enough to want to read the remainder of the series.

3 out of 5 stars.


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