Is There Safety In Numbers?


Legion of Dispair cover

Jim Powell has made it home and is augmenting the security plans at his homestead. Randi has made it to her family’s farm and seems to be doing well. Gary has made it home but finds his family under attack. Alice is in the basement of a dangerous mental patient who is without his medication. Both Lois and Rebecca were killed before they could get home to their families. Can Gary keep his family safe by bugging in? Will Alice be the next casualty? Are things going to get worse for the country before it gets better or does the government have a viable plan?

Horton’s third novel in The Borrowed World Series, Legion of Despair, continues to follow the lives of these coworkers as they come to grips with the new reality in a post-apocalyptic USA. Their stories are terrifyingly realistic. Hard choices have to be made just to stay alive.  This book focuses more on how Gary and Alice adapt and change. Both doing things they would have never imagined themselves possible of just a month before.

The story continues to evolve and explore new challenges which keep it interesting. New characters are introduced and previous characters are brought into the forefront. This is the first book which really evoked an emotional response from me. The interaction between Ariel and Buddy at the end of the book really touched my heart. I am anxiously awaiting the next installment!

5 out of 5 stars.


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