Conform or Really Die



Q437B awakes to find herself very much alive after she and B116A were placed in the Muertre for execution. She is informed that the Elders have spared her life so that she can be their warrior against the Revolution. If she does not conform those that she loves the most will suffer. Will Q convince the rebellion to embrace the Elders’ ways? Can she live with the cost to her family and loved ones if she does not succeed?

Ruggles’ second novel in The Domicile Series, The Vrai Domicile, reveals a subterranean domicile where some of those sent to the Muertre are brainwashed into reforming and submitting to the will of the Elders. Q’s character grows so much in this book from the somewhat reluctant heroine to a most defiant rebel. Things are not always as they seem throughout providing for some twists and confusion on Q’s part. This sequel is every bit as exciting as the first book.

The first week that Q spends in the Vrai Domicile is never fully explained. Why was she kept unconscious? The mention of the sexual parts of the anatomy seemed awkward and unnecessary. Even with these detractions I would recommend this book and look forward to the third.

4 out of 5 stars.

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