Dealing With The Past



Vivienne Mathis has just lost her husband, Todd, to a hit and run driver. Starting her life over she follows her daughter’s advice to clean out her closet and set it up similar to a French wardrobe. Will Vivienne be able to move on with her life? Or, will the shadow of fear that drove her husband’s over protectiveness take over her too?

Shaw’s first departure out of the genre of post-apocalyptic novels, The French Wardrobe, is a story of self-discovery for the widowed Vivienne. So much of her life was put on hold due to the paranoia of her husband. Her character is one of the most developed I have ever read. As she blooms into the artist she was meant to be we see snippets of the past that shed light on Todd’s behavior. Todd’s tormentor does not go away after his death. This steady paced book has a surprising ending that really shows how strong Vivienne really is.

While I much prefer Shaw’s other novels this one was well written. I will recommend it and give it 5 out of 5 stars.


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