On The Outside



Q has escaped the Vrai/6th Domicile at an incredible loss. Both her grandmother and B were killed. Now, she is with the other escapees running for their lives in the sauvage and trying to find the Transients. While she tries to unite the Transients with the Domicilians she must come to terms with who she has become and at what cost.

Ruggles’ third novel in The Domicile Series, The Sauvage Domicile, continues Q’s quest to free everyone from the Elders’ rule. This book does some serious world building outside the confines of the domiciles. It also introduces the people of the sauvage, the transients who live in fear of the Elders outside in the wild.

As much as I’ve liked this series from the start I must say that this book disappointed me. For the first 25 chapters out of 33 total everyone is walking in the woods. This part of the story is rather boring and I kept losing interest. The pace was slow and most of the story was Q wrestling with the actions she has taken to get where she is now. The last chapters were great! They were full of action and moved the story forward.

3 out of 5 stars.

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