No Place is Entirely Safe



James Rockwell and his family are trying to get back home after an EMP-like event hit across America. He almost drowned and is suffering infection from not only pneumonia but a nasty cut to his leg. His wife, Leigh, finds the only doctor in the rural Pennsylvania that is open. This doctor, a veterinarian, brings the Rockwell family to his compound so that James can rest while recovering. Dr. Steve Driggers and his family built a survivalist compound after the Jakarta Pandemic six years earlier. It seems ideal – a virtual fortress. But, will it stand a true test from outsiders with nothing to lose?

Abrahams second novella in The Perseid Collapse Series, Refuge, continues to follow the Rockwell family as they struggle to get home. In this new society of lawlessness and the mounting shortage of resources everything seems to be against them. This fast paced story brings new characters whose distinct personalities provide a good mix of perceptions.

Novellas are a great quick read. And, I’m enjoying these spinoffs. The personal struggles are real. The characters are flawed. All facets of human nature are being presented regardless of how ugly. I can’t wait to read the final part of this story.

5 out of 5 stars.


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