Not Everyone Can Be Your Neighbor



Jim Powell wants to further isolate the valley from outsiders by blocking the road. He only has the supplies readily available for one end. In the meantime, at the other end of the road a group from a wealthy community has discovered a cattle farm to which they want to relocate. Randi and her family have found themselves caught up in a deadly feud with neighboring scumbags. Will Jim and his tribe find the new neighbors a welcome addition to the valley or a threat to their way of life? What will Randi do to save her family?

Horton’s forth novel in The Borrowed World Series, No Time For Mourning, continues to explore how a group of friends and families might manage their lives in a post-apocalyptic collapse of society in America. Live and death decisions must be made on the spot to keep the group as a whole safe. It’s us versus them no matter how things were in the past. That can be a hard lesson for some to learn.

I can’t begin to tell you how much I am enjoying this series. It’s real. It’s gritty. And, it’s heartfelt.

5 out of 5 stars.

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