Challenge the Status Quo



Juliette Nichols is a bit of an enigma. Yet, she represents the curiosity and determination that is in all of us. Jules lives in an underground silo along with about 9 thousand others. Talking of the past or of the outside is forbidden. The mayor of her silo wants Jules to be the next sheriff. The head of IT has other plans. When Jules does the unthinkable all hell breaks loose. The fate of the entire silo is in jeopardy.

Howey’s first collection of stories in the Silo series, Wool Omnibus, focuses on the survival of humanity in the distant future. Earth outside of the silo is poisoned. To be forced out of the silo means death. Howey does an excellent job of world building and his characters are well developed. The story is a bit slow to take off but once it does it I couldn’t put it down!

5 out of 5 stars.


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