One Silo to Rule Them All



Totally stealing this and editing it from Tolkien: One silo to rule them all, one silo to find them, one silo to bring them all and in the darkness bind them. Jules knows enough of the truth to rebel against Silo One. Will the others of Silo 18 follow her or fight against her due to their fear of the unknown? Will they even believe her? And, will Silo One step in to try and stop her from passing the truth on to other silos?

Howey’s final set of stories in the Silo series, Dust, follows Jules and Silo 18 as they struggle with breaking taboos and the consequences set forth by The Order. It also follows Donald Keene in Silo One as he tries to right the wrongs of Thurman and his cronies. Can Jules trust Donald to help her? Or will Thurman’s plan win regardless?

These stories show a true life or death struggle. For all her flaws Jules is doing her best to help the people of her silo. And, it was a good story until the very end. The ending was anti-climactic and left too many questions unanswered.

4 out of 5 stars.

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