Who decides who holds the power?



Congressman Donald Keene is tasked to draw up plans for an underground refuge at a nuclear rods storage facility. Or, so he believes. As this is his freshman year he owes senior Senator Paul Thurman for supporting him during the election. Thurman likes to dabble in life extending technologies and is currently undergoing nanobot treatments to repair or slow down the aging process. Thurman believes it is only a matter of time before an enemy of the United States makes nanobots that destroy instead of repair. When the democratic party’s presidential candidate nominating convention is meeting outside of Atlanta and bombs are dropped to level the city everyone scrambles inside of these silos Keene has designed. When Keene discovers the truth behind the bombing and the silos will he choose to go along or do the right thing for mankind?

Howey’s second set of stories in the Silo series, Silo, provides the history of The Order and origins of the silos. Morality questions are the focus of this set. Should 5 men be allowed to decide the fate of humanity? What will the people in the silos think when they find out?

5 out of 5 stars.


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