Can Shangri La be Defended?


Covenant Cover

Lucas finally gets Sierra and Eve to Shangri La only to have The Crew mount an attack against them. Will The Crew be able to make the trek across Texas into New Mexico and through the Apache territory with their dilapidated vehicles? Can a peaceful village of 200 available fighters survive an attack by 1,000 hard core killers? Mistakes by either side will be deadly.

Blake’s third installment of The Day After Never series, Covenant, is by far the most action packed. Sierra continues to be an enigma and acts without thinking. Secondary characters are more fully developed in this book which tends to make the story more well-rounded. The first half of the story builds up to a fact paced second half where most of the action happens.

Great transition novel. This series continues to get better and better.

5 out of 5 stars.


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