Be Careful Not To Outsmart Yourself


The World Hungers cover

Blake Jackson and several of his new extended family take off to acquire livestock and supplies from nearby farms that have been deserted or the owners killed. On their way back they come under attack and discovery more atrocities being committed. Will they be able keep their homestead a secret or end up fighting for their own survival again?

Craven’s 3rd installment in The World Burns series, The World Hungers, introduces new characters, Neal and Patty, as they escape Ann Arbor. Neal is a high functioning autistic who is a computer specialist. Patty is his neighbor. Together they flee the city only to run into the worst of mankind.

The novella shows that no matter how well prepared you are there is always someone out there who can try and take it all away from you. Oh, and, there is another wedding.

5 out of 5 stars.


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