Leave Us Alone


Cries of the World cover

Blake Jackson’s homestead has grown into a self-reliant community and continues to grow as more survivors join them. A man stating that he is the interim governor of Kentucky comes to the homestead to take inventory and redistribute the food, supplies, and manpower. Meanwhile, Michael has helped liberate the FEMA camp in Alabama and is headed for Louisiana to find his mother. Having lost his father during the liberation his mom is all he has left of his family.

Craven’s sixth novella in The World Burns series, Cries Of The World: A Post-Apocalyptic Story, has folks coming together to survive without the forced ‘help’ of the new government. Many of those liberated from the FEMA camps have chosen to stay put and continue the work on a voluntary basis. NATO forces are deserting in droves as they find the camps not to be as originally presented.

It will be interesting to see where Craven is going with the reconstruction of a new government around those that do not want it to intervene.

5 out of 5 stars.


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