Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?


Resurrecting Home cover

Morgan Carter and his extended family are back in their old neighborhood after the liberation of the FEMA/DHS camp. Some of their friends from the camp have joined their crew. With the ever-increasing numbers of mouths to feed, getting a garden planted and hunting have taken all their efforts. Once one threat is seemingly eliminated another crops up to take its place. Now, a wild fire is spreading across Florida unchecked with no rain in site and is heading in Carter’s direction. Meanwhile, the worst of mankind is still out there.

American’s fifth novel in The Survivalist Series, Resurrecting Home, follows Carter as he tries to find ways to redirect the fire so that his group does not have to leave their homes again. After running some threats out of their neighborhood, they realize that a 24/7 watch must be posted. Along with all the other chores needing attention, such as hunting, a schedule must be drawn up. It is amazing to see how willing folks are to work together to survive. The group dynamics change but so far everyone is on board.

Even with the wildfire threat it is nice to see burgeoning friendships moving towards relationships. Along with the defeat locally of the FEMA/DHS folks love being in the air provides hope that things will get better. While things will never be the way they were in the Before, this slower, simpler life seems to be agreeing with those that have survived thus far. American does a great job of detailing everyday life as it is now.

5 out of 5 stars.


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