Chipping Away at the Fringes of the Enemy


The WOrld on Fire cover

Blake Jackson and his extended family on the homestead are providing training for everyday living and military survival tactics to all who show up and are willing to learn. Meanwhile, in Texas the new Caliphate’s army is moving through slowly and methodically. Many from the homestead are taking on the fight in the southwest. But, what are the remains of the USA’s former government doing?

Craven’s eighth novella in The World Burns series, The World on Fire, shifts the focus off the homestead and onto the fight in the southern regions of Texas, New Mexico, and surrounding states. The cartels of Mexico are assisting the new Caliphate in moving troops into the USA. With so much of the US’s military still abroad it is the everyday citizen that is having to fight to retain their freedom.

As much as I love the Jackson homestead stories I am thrilled to finally know what is going on in the larger picture throughout the USA. Keep them coming!

5 out of 5 stars.


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