We Will Avenge You


THe Guardians

Evan and Jason along with Peggy and Judith have made it to the homestead in Tennessee. For the sake of the community the households have banded together to form The Guardians. With no one knowing who the members are The Guardians deal out vigilante justice on those that would seek to take, destroy, or murder. Unbeknownst to Judith her sons are still alive and trying to find one another.

Bird’s second novel in The New Homefront series, The Guardians, continues the story of Evan and Jason and their lives now that they have settled into their bugout location. It also shows what is happening across the nation. The stark contrast as to what was and what is now is a new harsh reality not many will survive.

This is a well-rounded series about the post-apocalyptic USA and possible scenarios of what could ultimately happen.

5 out of 5 stars.


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