Let Me Go Home



Clayton Shepard just wants to get home to Texas and his family. He miraculously landed back on Earth in Canada after two CMEs knocked the power out on the ISS as well as all the planet. After finding an older model plane that still flies he crashes it in a field near the Denver airport. A secret government group finds him and imprisons him in their underground facility. Once inside no one is allowed to leave.

Abrahams third novel in The SpaceMan Chronicles, Retrograde: A Post Apocalyptic Thriller, focuses on the new society that is holding Clayton hostage while waiting on those outside to die off. This gut wrenching story shows the determination of a man who wants nothing but to get home. And, Clayton is not the only one who wants to leave this underground lair.

I have enjoyed this trilogy and hate to see it end. It was nice to depart from the land based prepper story and see things from outer space. If anything, this series is unique in the post-apocalyptic genre in that respect.

5 out of 5 stars.


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