A Puzzle to Save Mankind


Isle of Man

With the founder and most of the Foundation seemingly destroyed, Aubrey finds that there is more going on than he realized. In order to gain control of the drones and other devices that are programmed to kill all humans, he has to journey to a faraway land.  Those he thought he could trust may turn out to be those that try to destroy his plans to save humanity.

Winfield’s second novel in The Park Service Trilogy, Isle of Man, expands the relationship between Aubrey and his best friend, Jimmy. We learn more about the mission of the Foundation and what they have been trying to achieve.  And, we watch Aubrey’s innocence and wonder shine through as he explores more of the world above ground.

The cruise in the submarine to the Isle of Man was almost as boring as the occupants claimed to be themselves. The betrayal at the end was heart wrenching.

4 out of 5 stars.


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