Does the End Justify the Means?


State of Nature

Aubrey returns to the Foundation where Hannah has been busy rebuilding. He confronts her regarding her betrayal only to realize she has taken complete control with the professor as her assistant. Acting under Hannah’s command, Aubrey goes back down into Holocene II to save his friends. In a daring escape, he treks halfway around the world to China to meet with the mysterious Chief. Will they be able to take Hannah down or will mankind finally be destroyed?

Winfield’s third novel in The Park Service Trilogy, State of Nature, hits you with twist after twist. It’s almost like being slapped in the face. It also gives one pause to think about all the moral implications that are discussed.

::SPOILERS:: Does one punish a book’s rating because the reader doesn’t like the subject matter? No, I think that would be unfair. The discovery that Hannah is really 30 years old and has been making out with a 15-year-old creeps me out. But, what is even worse was to find out that they are half brother and sister. I feel that this subject matter is inappropriate in a young adult novel.

The book is very interesting and completes the trilogy well. The ending sucked.

4 out of 5 stars.


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