Time to Put Out the Trash


Avenging Home cover

Morgan doesn’t want to shoulder the responsibility of being sheriff, jury, and judge. He is evaluating members of the surrounding community to step-up for the role of judge. But, an outsider has swooped in like royalty and is demanding the job. Morgan and his cohorts have bigger fish to fry than this wannabe. The time to remove the DHS once and for all has come.

American’s seventh novel in The Survivalist series, Avenging Home, looks at the cost in human lives that it will take to secure Morgan’s community. It’s a grim reality in this new society. Several of his neighbors have already paid the ultimate price and even his own family has suffered almost grave injuries.

Every book in this series has offered pain and hope. I do believe it is a realistic view of what could happen in a microcosm if folks were willing to do whatever it took to survive.

5 out of 5 stars.

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