One Man’s Journey


Rambin Man cover

David Campbell is a drunk. He spent the entire Jakarta Pandemic in a drunken stupor. Finding out his mother succumbed to the virus, he heads out to his sister’s in Kansas City. On his way there via Greyhound bus, China hits the US with an EMP. Finding himself stranded in Montezuma Iowa, David comes up with a plan to walk the rest of the way.

Not being a prepper or having much in the way of belongings, David starts from scratch finding supplies he will need for the long trek. Demon alcohol keeps taunting him and is hard to ignore. A fifth of Jack Daniels finds its way into his pack.

Ancient tractors and older pickups pass David by as he heads out of town. Confused at first, he realizes that they are without modern electronics. This gives him hope of finding a vehicle to speed up his trip.

The virus wiped out a large segment of the population. But, there are plenty of evil doers left to wreak havoc on those trying to survive this latest turn of events. The fly-over states are not densely populated and David has hope that he will be able to skirt any areas with potential conflict.

American’s novella addition to The Perseid Collapse Series in Kindle Worlds, Ramblin Man, is a quick, easy read. Even with an alcohol pickled brain, David is smart enough to be self-sufficient. This story is in sharp contrast to what is happening on the east coast where folks are jammed together. I’m not saying David had it easy, but he did have less to contend with.

These novellas always lend a different perspective to the main Kindle World in which they are written. I enjoyed this addition to Steven Konkoly’s Perseid Collapse Series.

5 out of 5 stars.

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