Everyone Has Their Own Agenda


The Tellurian Threat cover

Kyle is an ambitious data analyst at Exel. He has agreed to take on a top secret project in hopes of advancing his promotion. When he realizes that he isn’t cut out for total isolation work he asks to be reassigned back to his team. Instead, the founder of the subterranean city of Waylain, Patrick Silva, convinces him to take another position in Research and Development. That’s when Kyle’s real troubles begin.

Waylain is the latest and most sophisticated SubHab within the earth. Earth’s resources above ground are all but devastated and the landscape little more than a desert. There are no rivers or oceans remaining to provide the moisture needed for rain. All water is underground and recycled. Mankind has moved underground to escape the harsh environment brought upon themselves.

Kyle has scrimped and saved enough to buy a vehicle that he uses to travel on the earth’s surface. It’s an extravagant expense and mostly useless. But, he finds out his three-month-old vehicle is without the latest and greatest upgrades. The company informs him that it will quite some time before they can make the modifications now offered in newer vehicles. After posting on the company’s forum about the issue Kyle meets up with Dan, aka Damian, a computer programmer.

Damian is a man on a mission. He uses Kyle’s work phone to steal classified data from Exel. This kicks off a series of events that could end up destroying Waylain and all its citizens. Rohan, Damian’s former partner, and now Kyle’s boss believes Kyle has been setup to take the blame for Damian’s intrusion.  Rohan also believes he knows what Damian plans are. It’s up to Rohan and Kyle to find a way to stop Damian before it is too late.

Das’ debut novel, The Tellurian Threat, is a post-apocalyptic, science fiction thriller. Kyle’s character is the only one with any depth. The story takes a while to unfold and by the time the action part comes into play it is anticlimactic. To me, it was almost to the point of being boring and I didn’t care about Damian and his plans by the time they were finally revealed.

I’ll give it a 3 out of 5 stars for a good effort with no noticeable grammatical errors or plot holes.

I received this book for free from the author for review consideration. This in no way affected my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


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