Saving Home


Girl of Blood cover

After saving the planet Mhakerta The Four return to Aristozonex to find themselves under arrest. It seems the Syndicate Fleet Commander was killed in an ill-fated mission to Cwelt. Separated due to the nature of their ‘crimes’ they must somehow escape before execution and reunite to absolve themselves.

Trattora and Velkan are rescued by Velkan’s former owner, Sarth, with the help of Buir and Ghil. Sarth demands control of the dargonite on Cwelt she feels she is owed from their previous meeting. A run-in with body poachers who are searching for Trattora places Sarth in an unholy alliance with them to share the dargonite. The body poachers also take possession of Trattora and Velkan for safe keeping.

Ayma and Phin have friends inside the Fleet help them escape and take over the stealth fighter once again. They set off on a search to locate and liberate Trattora and Velkan. Finding them is one thing, successfully freeing them and escaping is quite another.

Meanwhile, on Cwelt, Parthelon has somehow become chieftain. He has struck a deal with the Maulers for mining rights of the dargonite. The Maulers then ambushed the Syndicate Fleet. Can The Four come together and return to Cwelt and overthrow Parthelon and the Maulers?

Hinkens’ third novel in The Expulsion Project series, Girl of Blood, is a non-stop, action-packed thrill ride. It’s a good mixture of adventure and romance in a sci-fi universe. There are plenty of twists to keep you interested all the way to the very end.

Nothing Trattora sets out to do is ever straightforward or easy. With guidance from her friends, she grows up significantly and learns to temper her impulses. She grows into the leader her father always expected her to become. Watching her mature over the course of these books has left me satisfied.

And, as Trattora has matured, so has Hinkens’ writing abilities. I applaud her work and look forward to wherever the next adventure takes her. I highly recommend this and every book Hinkens has written thus far.

5 out of 5 stars.

I received this book for free from the author for review consideration. This in no way affected my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


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