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Who’s Running The Govenment?


Charlies Resistance

Charlie’s story continues as she and her newfound friends try to escape the chaos in the Orlando area. Danger is all around with the government attempting to herd everyone into FEMA camps using liberated lawless gangs to force compliance. The members of her group are now armed and have enough supplies to see them through a significant portion of their journey. The group is splintered as to where they should go and have agreed to part ways.

Browning’s and American’s third book in the Charlie’s Requiem series, Resistance, spends very little time on Charlie’s story. Instead, it covers the broader picture behind the scenes happenings with the government as well as introducing several new players into the puzzle. It takes a while but they pull all the pieces together.

There are almost too many factions to keep up with beyond Charlie and her group. And, the story is riddled with typos. The backstory is so involved and told in so much detail that I lost track of Charlie. It was good to know what is going on regionally but would have been better to have it interspersed throughout Charlie’s story. You could not have told she was the protagonist if her part hadn’t been told in the first person.

There’s a lot more to be told. Let’s hope they concentrate on Charlie’s story more in the next installment.

3 out of 5 stars.

Amazing Variety of Authors and Genres


25 for one

What a wonderful way to experience new authors! Support the hurricane disaster victims by purchasing this book. You will receive 25 full-length novels for one low price. Not one cent goes to the authors, the publishers, or anyone else involved in producing this package. All proceeds and I do mean ALL go to the relief efforts.

Some of the best-selling authors include Steven Konkoly, A.R. Shaw, Tom Abrahams, and Franklin Horton. There is a wide variety of genres, such as political thrillers, apocalyptic, spy/black ops, and prepper fiction. You couldn’t ask for a better way to sample a wide variety of well-written works.

It would take too long to review all 25 books. I have read several and published written reviews of them individually. These are all 4 and 5-star winners. You won’t be disappointed and you will be supporting a noble cause.

A Real Possibiliy


One Second AFter Series Cover

John Matherson lives in Black Mountain, North Carolina working as a professor at Montreat College. It’s an idyllic place to live and raise a family. Then the USA suffers an EMP attack that leaves virtually everything nonfunctional. Nothing will be the same for John as he struggles to hold his family and his community together. Keeping everyone alive and safe from a society that has broken down, with the worst of the worst cutting a path of destruction everywhere they go, is his number one priority.

Forstchen presents us with a ‘what if’ scenario in very real terms. His insight into human behavior is spot on. He doesn’t sugarcoat the issues and presents new world problems in the harsh environment of a post EMP strike. He does a good job of developing John’s character. The world building has enough details that I can envision the scenes. Overall, these books are well written and attention-grabbing.

You will enjoy this series. It will educate you and challenge you. If nothing else, it is thought-provoking.

5 out of 5 stars.

SciFi at its best! Short and sweet.


From the Stars cover

I’m not a big fan of short stories as I always want more. LOL This is a compilation of wonderfully written young adult science fiction short stories! Each an exciting fast read. One in particular showcases Norma Hinkens at her best. I thoroughly enjoyed reading each of these and recommend them highly.

Escaping Indianapolis


Kill Box

The gang’s all here and then some. Dr. Chang, Larsen, Emma & Jack, and David & Justin are hiding within NevoTech in downtown Indianapolis trying to access Chang’s research and get it to . . . who? Who is the $64k question. Someone wants Chang captured or killed because of his research. He is one of the few in his field that has studied the virus before it was unleashed in over 20 major cities across the US. Unbeknownst to the powers that be Chang has studied this new version of the virus and determined it has been weaponized. Who can he trust to give this information to? And, can he get his group to safety at the same time?

There are zombies everywhere. That is the best way to describe those infected with the weaponized virus. They are a murderous bunch attracted by the least little sound or at night, to light sources. Getting past them and the two quarantine zones are some of the challenges Chang and his group face trying to leave NevoTech.

Konkoly’s second novel in The Zulu Virus Chronicles, KILL BOX: A Post-Apocalyptic Pandemic Thriller, takes off running and never stops. There is a sense of urgency throughout the story to get out of the quarantine zone and hopefully, to safety away from those that caused this outbreak. The odds are not looking so good in that regard.

Even amongst all the chaos and confusion, Konkoly is able to interject some moments of levity. My favorite quote is “Yeah. I’m fine. But I’m taking up cross fit when this is over,” said Jack. “I didn’t realize the apocalypse would be this demanding.” Larsen continues to use his sarcastic wit to take the edge off and to defuse serious situations. And, even David is starting to add humor to his dialog.

This book is very well written. It grabs your attention immediately which makes it hard to put down. I do not like zombie books but will make an exception in this case. I like this book. I don’t like that it is full of zombies. That is a personal preference and in no way reflects upon Konkoly’s ability to spin a tale. I would dare say that this is one of the better books that he has written.

5 out of 5 stars.