Who’s Running The Govenment?


Charlies Resistance

Charlie’s story continues as she and her newfound friends try to escape the chaos in the Orlando area. Danger is all around with the government attempting to herd everyone into FEMA camps using liberated lawless gangs to force compliance. The members of her group are now armed and have enough supplies to see them through a significant portion of their journey. The group is splintered as to where they should go and have agreed to part ways.

Browning’s and American’s third book in the Charlie’s Requiem series, Resistance, spends very little time on Charlie’s story. Instead, it covers the broader picture behind the scenes happenings with the government as well as introducing several new players into the puzzle. It takes a while but they pull all the pieces together.

There are almost too many factions to keep up with beyond Charlie and her group. And, the story is riddled with typos. The backstory is so involved and told in so much detail that I lost track of Charlie. It was good to know what is going on regionally but would have been better to have it interspersed throughout Charlie’s story. You could not have told she was the protagonist if her part hadn’t been told in the first person.

There’s a lot more to be told. Let’s hope they concentrate on Charlie’s story more in the next installment.

3 out of 5 stars.

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