A Peirlous Journey At Best


Dark Titan 2

Nathan Owens, at almost 40 years of age and single, has taken every opportunity to be trained in survival. In addition to those skills, he is an ER nurse and a reserve sheriff’s deputy. And, it is taking all of that combined to get him home alive. During his trek across the country, he has managed to become responsible for several children. Teaching them as many survival skills as he can, they constantly fight off those that would kill them or worse and try to avoid being found by government troops rounding up citizens into FEMA camps.

Watson’s second novel in the Dark Titan Journey series, Wilderness Travel, chronicles the day-to-day activities of Nathan and his group as they walk across the country. It’s a constant battle to stay alive. And, the good guys don’t always win.

The first book in this series made me mad. This book made me cry. It takes a talented author to bring out my emotions. Watson’s writing skills really do bloom here. This story while harsh and gritty also has some tender moments. And, that makes it feel more real.

5 out of 5 stars.


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