Smoke and Mirrors


Conflicted Home cover

Morgan Carter’s story continues as the US is fighting invasion on multiple fronts. With the Chinese nuking Mac Dill Air Force base and having had a run-in with Russian Pathfinders, Morgan’s group realize they are sorely under-protected. They must think about more than the day-to-day activities of bringing a community back to some semblance of before.

American’s ninth novel it The Survivalist series, Conflicted Home has both new hope and joy along with tragedy and sorrow. In fact, it is probably the best in the series as far as the story goes. I’m loving the character development of the members of Morgan’s group. The world building is so good that I have no trouble picturing the scenes in my mind.

Unfortunately, it was riddled with typos. I quit marking them after the 19th one. That is very distracting and I finally had to force myself to just read over them. I’m not sure what happened but hiring a good proofreader or starting an ARC Facebook group would have weeded most if not all of these errors out before publishing. I find it curious that after nine novels in the series that one would be so poorly edited.

There is at least one plot hole. Sarge insists that the General wants to see Morgan. Yet, when they meet the General is almost surprised to see him and says nothing to indicate he was summoned. I even went back and reread those parts to see if I had missed something.

I love this series and hope that the next installment isn’t rushed.

3 out of 5 stars based on sloppiness.

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