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There’s a traitor amongst us


Undefeated World

The main characters throughout the first four books are brought together in a life or death struggle against a foreign invading force. Their courage, skills, and patriotism will be put to the test. One amongst them will betray them to the enemy knowing lives will be lost. And, an unlikely hero will emerge.

Pike’s fifth novel in The EMP Survivor Series, Undefeated World: A Post Apocalyptic/Dystopian Survival Fiction Series is the final book in this series. It’s hardcore survival from the very beginning. The pace is fast making it an all too quick read.

Unlike the first couple of books in this series, the editing wasn’t as thorough. There were continuity issues within the first chapters. I find that confusing and it makes me go back and reread passages to make certain of the timeline. Having the animals presented as humanlike characters dumbs down the reading level to that of junior high.

It is a good series and I hate to see it end.

3 out of 5 stars for the editing mistakes.

The Story of Lou



***This novel is expected to be released March 15, 2018***

Louise is only 8 years old when the Scourge takes the lives of her mother and brother. Her father, David does his best to teach her how to survive in this new world. Lou’s smart, inquisitive, and determined. But, once her father is killed will she be able to put his teachings into action to stay alive?

Abrahams sixth novel in The Traveler Series, Legacy: A Post-Apocalyptic Survival Story is a departure from the main plotline and explores the origin story of Lou. This stand-alone book tells the tale of a young girl who must grow up way too fast in a world that has turned upside down. While the trappings of modern times are all around the lifestyle is more reminiscent of the Wild West. It’s a sad story when children see and do things that even adults shouldn’t have to.

This well written novel is evenly paced at the start then it takes off like a rolling tumbleweed. You can feel the love David has for Lou in everything he says and does. Lou is quick to catch on and is wise beyond her years. Sometimes her childlike innocence still shines through.

I really enjoyed Abrahams giving his fans an in depth look at Lou. She’s definitely a favorite.

5 out of 5 stars.

Knowledge in the Shadows


Fire Storm

Chang and the gang have made it outside the quarantine zones of Indianapolis where they will part ways. David will take his son, the Harpers, and Larsen to his parents’ home. Sanderson’s people will take Chang and Dr. Hale to continue the virus research. Shortly after parting, the evil that unleashed this hell rears its ugly head. Will either group make their destination or will the evil powers that be rain down upon them?

Konkoly’s third novel in The Zulu Virus Chronicles. Fire Storm: A Post-Apocalyptic Pandemic Thriller, finally reveals who is behind the virus and the lengths that they will go to keep that information contained. This book is every bit as action-packed as the first two. Fortunately for me, there are no zombies in this installment.

Larsen’s deadpan humor helps break the tension and has even become expected. Even David is starting to use Larsen’s turn of phrase. To me, Larsen has become the antihero of the series and one of my favorite characters. I’d enjoy seeing more of him in future books.

This series has focused on the micro while the virus was unleashed across the nation in strategic cities. I don’t know if Konkoly has plans for another series of books that will explore how the world is viewing the United States in this dire situation. It would also be fascinating to see how our own people deal with the repercussions of the virus on the economy.

Regardless of where Konkoly goes next, this book is a must read.

5 out of 5 stars.

Love Finds A Way


Unwanted World

Nico Bell is an undercover border patrol officer trying to infiltrate a drug cartel. Kate Chandler is Chris Chandler’s younger sister hiding from her past behind the bar where she works. Nico is determined to peel back the layers Kate has constructed to insulate and protect her from her own feelings. Reload is her service dog and senses that Nico is a good man. San Antonio is rich in history. Will that history be destroyed when an EMP turns the city upside down?

Pike’s fourth novel in The EMP Survivor Series, Unwanted World: A Post Apocalyptic/Dystopian Survival Fiction Series, branches off from the previous books and takes us back to before the EMP struck San Antonio. We meet Chandler’s sister, Kate, and discover why she has not returned home. Once the EMP strikes Kate finds herself separated from Nico. Can he fulfill his promise to return?

Of all the books so far in this series, this one starts off the slowest. But, once it gets going BOOM! Watching Kate’s character grow was very satisfying. Grit gets tossed around a lot when describing characters in these type of books, but Kate truly puts new meaning to the word. I’m anxious to see where the series goes from here.

4 out of 5 stars.

The Past Can Be Deadly


Unknown World

Chris Chandler and Amanda Hardy leave Dillon and Holly to take Amanda home to Austin. With everything seemingly running as well as can be expected post EMP at the ranch now is as good a time as any. Their journey will be anything but smooth even though it has been made easier by having the horses that Holly loaned them. All along the way danger is waiting to challenge their wit and their resolve. It is also a time for Chandler and Amanda to learn more about one another. What they learn may be more dangerous to them over time than anything else.

Pike’s third novel in The EMP Survivor Series, Unknown World: A Post Apocalyptic/Dystopian Survival Fiction Series, explores a new set of characters while expanding on the ones we already know. She does a good job of bringing in history without it distracting from the storyline. The pace is fast and makes for a quick read. Be ready for a thrill ride and gut-wrenching action.

Surprisingly to me was the breakdown in editing/proofreading in this book. Books one and two were very well done. This book had two continuity errors between book two and three. There were at least three times the wrong name was used. It was suggested to me that I had an older version. If so, this is the latest version on Amazon. Maybe, it hadn’t been updated yet?

Overall, it is a good addition to the series.

4 out of 5 stars.

When Worlds Collide


Uncertain World

Based on hearsay Dillon Stockdale believes that his daughter died in the plane crash. Reluctantly, he and Holly Hudson along with his dog, Buster leave Louisiana and head back to Holly’s ranch in Hemphill, Texas. It has been over a week and the chances of even finding Cassie’s body are slim. The swamp claims everything that does not escape. Their trek back will be fraught with death and uncertainty. New friends and alliances will be made along the way. Once back on Holly’s ranch more trouble rears its head. Can Dillon and his group bring peace to the area or will they die trying?

Pike’s second novel in The EMP Survivor Series, Uncertain World: A Post Apocalyptic/Dystopian Survival Fiction Series, picks up within a few days of the first book. Holly’s character has been full of surprises. There’s more to her than the lovely lady attorney who’s a force to be reckoned with in a courtroom. Her ability to read witnesses provides her with a good judge of character.

Again, Pike has done her due diligence and the book is well edited and proofread. I can’t praise her enough for that. She tells a compelling story and her writing is maturing with each book. I still don’t like Buster having an inner voice, but that is a personal issue for me, nothing against Pike’s ability at all. The only complaint that I have about the storyline is that I think that Dillon would have noticed Amy’s necklace when he and Holly became intimate.

Good series. Read it!

5 out of 5 stars.

Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me


Unexpected World

Dillon Stockdale, Assistant District Attorney in Houston, has his world flipped upside down when an EMP strikes the USA. As vehicles come to a stop and lights and phones no longer work he realizes that his daughter’s plane has probably crashed in the swampy area just inside of Louisiana. Finding her is all he can focus upon. Once committed to the search will he be able to even find the crash site in the Atchafalaya Basin? First, though, he must get home.

Pike’s first novel in The EMP Survivor Series, Unexpected World: A Post Apocalyptic/Dystopian Survival Fiction Series, the love of a father knows no bounds when trying to find his lost daughter. Dillon is a soulful character and most of the time stuck in a pity party. He is not being noble in his search for his daughter. No, instead, he is being reckless with his own life for a one in a million chance of finding her.

I’m happy to say that this book was well edited and proofread. Though the writing borders on being simplistic it is at a very fast pace with lots of action. There are a few scenes that were hard for me to believe. What I had the hardest time with was Buster being able to keep pace with the bicycles when he had been an indoor lump of a dog for two years.

And I really don’t care for animals having a voice even if it’s only in their head. That is a personal preference on my part and no way reflects the review.

Overall, it is a good book that tells a good story. I plan to read the entire series.

4 out of 5 stars.

Hope Springs Eternal



Neal and his friend, Carlos have survived living off their wits along with their families since the EMP strike. The desert is unforgiving and reclaims what was once its own when man is unable to fight it back. After making plans to relocate farther north tragedy strikes unmercifully. Now, Neal faces the most important decision of his life, give up and die or fulfill the promises he made and live.

American’s and Hopf’s joint effort, Hope: A Going Home Novel, plays out in the desolate southwest. Though set in the Going Home world, it is a standalone novel. The story looks at the results of unintended consequences. Seemingly innocent actions cause grave outcomes. But, then there is always hope.

The writing is top notch and the book is well edited. The characters are believable and Neal is fully developed. The story has lots of sadness yet has a few laugh out loud moments as well.

I recommend this book. 5 out of 5 stars.

SHTF Happens



As Grayson allows a few nonfamily members into the fold at the homestead not everyone is as accepting. Some of those that make it back home are unaware of the trouble that has followed. Back in Jake’s former subdivision tensions run high as the division between the homeowners grows wider with Curt driving the wedge deep. And, there’s more to Puck than meets the eye.

Akers’ second novel in The SHTF Series, Shoot Like a Girl: A Post-Apocalyptic Thriller, starts immediately where book one stopped. Emotions run high in both a good, loving way and a defiant, mean way. The reader is pulled in one direction only to be jolted into the other.

If you don’t want to snatch the hair off Olivia’s head by the time you’ve finished this book, then there is no hope for you. She and Curt are vying for Darwin Award nominations. I don’t wish either of them dead, but dayem. Akers is that good.

Not sure how this is going to play out with part of the family still separated and no word on what the government is doing. Society devolved quickly and shows no sign of recovery. Grayson and his family are going to have to dig deep to keep everyone safe and to be able to survive long term.

Comparing book one and two I would say this is the better. Book one set the stage and book two ran full out continuing the story. Neither book can be read as a standalone. And, though I wouldn’t say book two ended like book one with a cliffhanger, it certainly left you with a sense of foreboding.

5 out of 5 stars.

Remember Your Training



Grayson Rowan has tried his best to prepare himself and his extended family for almost any disaster situation. While he is home alone the SHTF when the grid goes down. His wife & her sisters are on a girls’ vacation. His daughter is away at college, and his brothers-in-law are scattered as well. The biggest questions are do they remember their training and will they all make it back to Grayson’s?

Akers’ first novel in The SHTF Series, Fight Like a Man: A Post-Apocalyptic Thriller, follows the journey the family member must make to try and get home while Grayson puts their survival plan into action at the homestead. Each path contains its own set of obstacles, some requiring life or death struggles. No one is spared the harsh reality of this new world with its new rules and the worst of mankind.

The depth of character development and variety is amazing. Some are so real you want to slap some sense into them. The trials and tribulation are such that your heart aches along with them. There is nonstop action making it a fast read. It is not a standalone book as there is a cliffhanger ending.

I truly enjoyed this book and look forward the rest of the series.

5 out of 5 stars.