Hope Springs Eternal



Neal and his friend, Carlos have survived living off their wits along with their families since the EMP strike. The desert is unforgiving and reclaims what was once its own when man is unable to fight it back. After making plans to relocate farther north tragedy strikes unmercifully. Now, Neal faces the most important decision of his life, give up and die or fulfill the promises he made and live.

American’s and Hopf’s joint effort, Hope: A Going Home Novel, plays out in the desolate southwest. Though set in the Going Home world, it is a standalone novel. The story looks at the results of unintended consequences. Seemingly innocent actions cause grave outcomes. But, then there is always hope.

The writing is top notch and the book is well edited. The characters are believable and Neal is fully developed. The story has lots of sadness yet has a few laugh out loud moments as well.

I recommend this book. 5 out of 5 stars.

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