The Story of Lou



***This novel is expected to be released March 15, 2018***

Louise is only 8 years old when the Scourge takes the lives of her mother and brother. Her father, David does his best to teach her how to survive in this new world. Lou’s smart, inquisitive, and determined. But, once her father is killed will she be able to put his teachings into action to stay alive?

Abrahams sixth novel in The Traveler Series, Legacy: A Post-Apocalyptic Survival Story is a departure from the main plotline and explores the origin story of Lou. This stand-alone book tells the tale of a young girl who must grow up way too fast in a world that has turned upside down. While the trappings of modern times are all around the lifestyle is more reminiscent of the Wild West. It’s a sad story when children see and do things that even adults shouldn’t have to.

This well written novel is evenly paced at the start then it takes off like a rolling tumbleweed. You can feel the love David has for Lou in everything he says and does. Lou is quick to catch on and is wise beyond her years. Sometimes her childlike innocence still shines through.

I really enjoyed Abrahams giving his fans an in depth look at Lou. She’s definitely a favorite.

5 out of 5 stars.


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