There’s a traitor amongst us


Undefeated World

The main characters throughout the first four books are brought together in a life or death struggle against a foreign invading force. Their courage, skills, and patriotism will be put to the test. One amongst them will betray them to the enemy knowing lives will be lost. And, an unlikely hero will emerge.

Pike’s fifth novel in The EMP Survivor Series, Undefeated World: A Post Apocalyptic/Dystopian Survival Fiction Series is the final book in this series. It’s hardcore survival from the very beginning. The pace is fast making it an all too quick read.

Unlike the first couple of books in this series, the editing wasn’t as thorough. There were continuity issues within the first chapters. I find that confusing and it makes me go back and reread passages to make certain of the timeline. Having the animals presented as humanlike characters dumbs down the reading level to that of junior high.

It is a good series and I hate to see it end.

3 out of 5 stars for the editing mistakes.


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