Politically Incorrect is Wrong


About the time I became a teenager the phrase “rude, crude, and socially unacceptable” came into my repertoire especially when it came to the antics of little brother. I became a snob sister and anything my little brother did fell into that category. The years have flown by and the phrase has slipped into the background. Well, I still use it from time to time just to irritate my little 54-year-old brother. And, on occasion, I snark it at my husband. 😊

Someone along the way switched the term out for “not being politically correct”. And, that is incorrect. Not being politically correct in my humble opinion means that you are attributing something to the wrong political party. It has nothing to do with what is socially acceptable or not. Henceforth, I shall not use the term. Why do the lemmings follow the practice of doing something wrong repeatedly until they accept it as right?

Who is the person that decides what is socially acceptable or not? Is it the same person who determines if a word falls into the cuss word category? Just because someone says or does something you don’t like doesn’t mean it automatically jumps into the all-encompassing world of unacceptability. Granted there are many words or phrases that were accepted fifty or more years ago that are taboo now. I agree that many of them should cause you to speak out. But, who decides?

It must be a cultural thing. We can visit other countries and find ourselves at odds with etiquette and sometimes even the law. Who can keep up with all the differences? It would be wise to educate yourself before you went to a specific country or region.

Socially unacceptable. That’s how I see things when some person missteps. Let’s take politics out of it. They don’t belong in this arena.

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