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Paying For Your Sins


The Tree of Penance cover

Jesse Townsend has made it as far as Arkansas on his trek from Colorado to Tennessee in his search for his sister, Molly. Trouble has found him once again and delayed his journey. His sense of justice puts him right in the middle of a power struggle. Which side will prevail? And, at what costs to both sides?

Bird’s third novel in the Society Lost series, The Tree of Penance (A Post-Apocalyptic Dystopian Thriller) is full of nail-biting action. The book is so smoothly written that you don’t realize how far you’ve read until you are finished. It’s an interesting read with both heartbreaking sadness and satisfaction.

If you are fond of tales from the old West, you will certainly enjoy the feeling that this story brings. Jesse is reminiscent of Josey Wales whose character was made famous by Clint Eastwood. I believe Jesse is more of a gentleman than Josey and more willing to help others.

5 out of 5 stars.

Personal and Natural Disasters


Opus 3

Rick and Tina Carpenter are in for another disastrous adventure. It seems no matter where they go trouble follows. With their 2-year-old son, fur babies, and friend Annette they take off to Florida for a cruise. Fate not only tests their bugout and prep skills but their will to survive.

Craven’s third novel in the One Man’s Opus series, Opus Adventure: A Survival and Preparedness Story is much different than most books in this genre. The German Shepherds have chapters where what they are thinking is played out. It is also about a local apocalyptic event that lasts mere days instead of years.

The two main characters have grown as their lives have changed and merged. They are fighting their personal demons and winning. The challenges that are thrown at them wreak havoc with their lives and threaten them with great harm and near death.

Unfortunately, the story buildup is too slow. I kept reading and reading waiting to see where it was heading. It also had too many possible mistakes. These two keep me from giving it 5 or even 4 stars.

3 out of 5 stars.


Would You Chose Power?


Switched On Cover

Jim Powell and his extended family of friends throughout the valley are anxious for the power to be restored. Lights have flickered a few times and there seems to be activity at the nearest power plant. The government has sent out several messages about bringing the power back and what it would take for citizens to reap the benefits. The cost is something that Jim and his friends may not be willing to pay.

Horton’s sixth novel in The Borrowed World Series, Switched On is his best one yet. When I started reading it I had the feeling of sitting down to catch up with an old friend. No matter what, I didn’t want to stop reading. The heartbreaking loss had me grabbing a tissue. To me, if there is an emotional response from me then that is a sign of a talented writer.

As good as the story was there were numerous errors that should have been caught prior to publication. For that reason alone, I cannot give it five stars.

4 out of 5 stars.

California is on Fire


Lit cover

Fires have broken out all over and around the Las Angeles area. Southern California has never seen so much devastation. As soon as one fire seems to be under control it jumps to another set of buildings or stands of trees. Can the firefighters survive to put them all out? How many folks will die trying to escape?

Abrahams second novel in The Alt Apocalypse, Lit tells the story of a group of people from different walks of life and areas around the fires and how they cope or don’t. These are the same folks from Ash and will continue to experience different apocalyptic events throughout the series.

Each book in the series is a standalone tale. Seeing how your favorite characters handle the pressures of the new situation showcases their strengths and their weaknesses. And, it could make you cry.

5 out of 5 stars.

Enemies Within


Quelling cover

Rabreah and Ariliah are sisters who couldn’t be more different. Their fierce love of and devotion to one another is driven by the abuse leveled at them by their own mother. Even though Ariliah is the main target of the abuse Rabreah is the one who intercedes and fights back. Meanwhile, their city is being torn apart from within as splinter rebel groups attack drawing innocents into the fray. This has both sisters questioning who is the real enemy?

Grigaliunas’ second novel in the Purification Era series, Quelling is really Sowing, Part 2. There isn’t much quelling in the story. It is every bit as good, if not better than the first book. Her storytelling ability has grown and much improved. I am amazed at how well she builds the medieval dystopian world. The two main characters, as well as those immediate supporting characters, are well developed.

The editing this time is better though I did stumble through some formatting issues in the Kindle version. She is having a new formatter correct them. Grigaliunas is very approachable and receptive to any helpful advice you may have. There were also a couple of minor errors and a few things that were ambiguous to me. She appreciated my pointing out the errors and was gracious in explaining the things I misunderstood.

I am looking forward to the next installment.

4 out of 5 stars.

The Matrix Tribute


Sister of the Circuit cover

Isidore RAM is a top-notch hexer. She loses her place in the Church of Technology due to a malicious AI. Can she survive in her new environment? Will she thwart the AI and regain her standing?

Orneck’s novel, Sister of the Circuit is a tribute to The Matrix movies in so many ways. This futuristic cyberpunk tale is full of twists and action. It is very detailed and techy. Great world building. The female protagonist is refreshing and smart.

For those who love computer programming and all things science fiction, this book is definitely for you!

4 out of 5 stars.

A Mother’s Love


Unbound cover

Sloane Delaney and her daughters, Wren and Mae, find themselves almost totally alone in their neighborhood after a devastating tsunami wreaks havoc along the Oregon coast. Sloane is a strong woman and sets out to ensure that her daughters have what it takes to survive in the wake of this disaster. A crazy neighbor, no power or fresh water, wanders, and the government are among the many dangers thrown at them.

Shaw’s first book in the Dawn of Deception series, Unbound is a riveting novel set in a post-apocalyptic world. The ingenuity and determination of Sloane make for a fascinating read. The pace of the story varies and keeps your reading straight to the end.

Having a strong female protagonist in a post-apocalyptic setting is refreshing. Motherly love is overwhelming. Sloane will do whatever it takes to keep her children safe. Will she ever learn to trust again? We shall see in book two!

I highly recommend this book.

5 out of 5 stars.