Personal and Natural Disasters


Opus 3

Rick and Tina Carpenter are in for another disastrous adventure. It seems no matter where they go trouble follows. With their 2-year-old son, fur babies, and friend Annette they take off to Florida for a cruise. Fate not only tests their bugout and prep skills but their will to survive.

Craven’s third novel in the One Man’s Opus series, Opus Adventure: A Survival and Preparedness Story is much different than most books in this genre. The German Shepherds have chapters where what they are thinking is played out. It is also about a local apocalyptic event that lasts mere days instead of years.

The two main characters have grown as their lives have changed and merged. They are fighting their personal demons and winning. The challenges that are thrown at them wreak havoc with their lives and threaten them with great harm and near death.

Unfortunately, the story buildup is too slow. I kept reading and reading waiting to see where it was heading. It also had too many possible mistakes. These two keep me from giving it 5 or even 4 stars.

3 out of 5 stars.


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